At Neuropsychology Assessment Services we are passionate about creating a positive experience. We strive to empower our patients by recognizing their potential and protecting their dignity. Through our thoughtful and caring approach, the neuropsychological exam is a rewarding and informative experience.

We provide comprehensive neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments. Specialized areas include neuropsychological evaluations of children and adults from 6 years old through older adulthood for a wide range of neurological conditions; rehabilitation evaluations following acquired neurological conditions to assist with return to work, school, driving, and independence; concussion and ImPACT testing; baseline and pre-surgical testing; psychoeducational evaluations to children, adolescents, and college students, including classroom observations, consultation with school personnel, advocacy at meetings, and educational workshops/services; and forensic evaluations, including Independent Neuropsychological Exams and Fitness for Duty evaluations.  Neuropsychology Assessment Services serves communities throughout Maricopa County and the south-central region of Arizona.